Kitchen Filter Exchange Program from Affordable Hood Cleaning and Power Washing

Dirty or poorly maintained kitchen range hood filters are unsightly and they’re also dangerous.  Having your kitchen filters professionally cleaned and maintained is easy, with Affordable Hood Cleaning's  kitchen filter exchange service.

Benefits of Affordable Hood Cleaning Filter Exchange

  • No more grease down your drains
  • No buying filters
  • No cleaning filters
  • Decreased Facility Exposure
  • Less grease in ductworks
  • Decreased fire hazards
  • Filters look brand new
  • Lower cost/ Higher profit
  • Lower EPA Exposure and carbon Footprint

How does the Filter Exchange Program Work?

  1. Affordable Hood Cleaning techs will come remove all your dirty, greasy filters from your exhaust system.
  2. Clean, matching filters are put into your vent hood.
  3. Your grease covered filters are taken back to our facility to be serviced.
  4. The process is repeated. Clean, like new filters are re-installed on our next visit.

Having filters cleaned off site lowers the amount of grease going down your drains by 60-70%!

Our Kitchen Filter Exchange Program Will Save You Time and Money!

Filter Exchange Lowers Operation Costs!

  • Less Chemical to Buy
  • Lower Labor Costs
  • Lower Electricity Bill
  • Lower Water Bill
  • No More Risk of Fines

Cleaning Filters is Time Consuming
(And messy!)

  1. Cleaning baffle filters with the wrong chemicals may cause staining while reducing filtering capabilities
  2. Cleaning filters in your sink or dishwasher may be against health department and EPA regulations
  3. Its nearly impossible to clean behind the filter baffles and weep holes on your own. Not having a thorough cleaning reduces the functionality of your filters.

How Often Do I Need My Filters Cleaned?
You schedule your filter exchange when it is convenient for you. Below is a guide on how often we recommend you should have your filters cleaned. The frequency of cleanings ultimately depends on the type of business, exhaust system and the type of cooking taking place in your commercial kitchen. 

To get the most accurate recommendation on filter exchange services, request a free quote From Affordable Hood Cleaning and Power Washing.