Fats, oils and grease from your kitchen hood exhaust fan collect on your roof and form pools. Grease on the roof creates a significant safety hazard for staff and maintenance professionals. Ignoring this issue opens you up to unnecessary liabilities, code violations and expensive repairs or replacements.

Different roof systems will react differently to grease contamination, but they all have one thing in common- damage to your roof system.

80% of food industries have roof deterioration due to grease and oil discharge from the exhaust fan and 8 out of 10 will require expensive repairs due to lack of rooftop grease containment.

  • Bituminous (built-up roofs, tar and gravel) roofs turn soft and spongy following prolonged exposure to fats and cooking oils leading to breakdown forming a jelly-like consistency
  • Some thermoset roof membranes, such as EPDM, will swell and deteriorate when exposed to grease and fats
  • EPDM seam adhesives and tapes may lose their bond and rupture eventually leading to roof failure
  • Some thermoplastic membranes will blister when exposed to grease and oil
  • Grease and oil on your roof can lead to fall hazards
  • Grease contamination can lead to animal and insect infestation
  • Grease and oil on your roof creates a fire hazard, violates local fire and building codes
  • You are risking possible EPA and code violations if water runoff going to the sewer systems or grounds adjacent to the building are contaminated from the grease and oil

Rooftop Grease Control Solutions

Grease Gutter

The Grease Gutter

The Grease Gutter is an excellent solution for preventing rooftop grease collection. Absorption materials absorb grease while allowing water to pass through. This system is an off-the-roof containment device, making it very easy to visibly insure that grease does not reach the rooftop. Constructed of V-O polymers, it is weather resistant and will last for years.


The Grease Gutter Sidekick

For applications where the Grease Gutter can't fit, the Side Kick is another solution for systems with wall mount fans and unusually constructed ventilation.

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