If your commercial, restaurant, bar or tavern facility requires quick efficient and cost effective kitchen cleaning services, call Affordable Hood Cleaning and Power Washing. We use modern and proprietary chemicals to clean and degrease your kitchen equipment, walls, ceilings and floors surfaces in order to enhance the appearance of your kitchen, enable you to pass your next health inspection and ensure the health and safety of your employees and customers.

Don't let dirt or grease accumulate in your exhuast system, hoods, cooking equipment, kitchen surfaces and flooring to be the detriment of your staff and customers. Our services will capture and remove all dirt and grease so that your kitchen can look clean and aesthetically pleasing to health inspectors, employees and customers.

Some of the many jobs we specialize in include:


Commercial ovens are always a magnet for food particles, grease and spills. If you notice a foul or burned odor coming from your oven, or see excessive smoke whenever it is in use, it may be a clear sign that a cleaning is due. If diligent maintenance is not performed, an oven can quickly become a dangerous fire hazard.


When used often, a grill needs to be cleaned regularly. Layers of dirt, food, grease and grime collect very quickly, especially in a restaurant that produces a high volume of grilled items.


When you cook a lot of fried foods, your deep fryer will develop a layer of grease that must be cleaned on a regular basis. If this equipment is not properly maintained, the quality of the food will be poor, and heavy grease build up becomes a serious fire hazard.

Stove Tops

The cooking area where pots and pans are constantly producing food is going to easily become soiled in any commercial kitchen. When wiping the stove top it is not enough to simply remove the grease or baked in food, its time to call professionals.


If your sink is having a lot of dishes washed in it every day it will collect grime such as mildew, grease and food particles. Our high quality cleaning solutions and equipment will remove these health hazards and leave your dish washing area as clean as it was new.


Storing food, equipment or packaging on shelving within your kitchen can attract dust and dirt. We are excellent at cleaning all of those hard to reach areas that may be overlooked by staff.

Additional Areas

Other areas that need regular cleanings include walls, floors, extractor fans and back splashes. Affordable Hood Cleaning and Power Washing offers all of these professional cleaning services. We are accustomed to cleaning all different kinds of kitchen equipment. If you do not see something listed here, chances are that we still have experience cleaning it. Give us a call today, we are happy to speak with you about the cleaning needs of your kitchen.

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